Dark Liquor feat Keri J

from by Kinfoke

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Dark Liquor feat Keri J


Pour a glass for a nigga X4
Pack a bowl for a nigga X4


Give you a penny for your thoughts
Ten cents you a dime
But not a damn dollar
You feeling my state of mind
Me and cuz getting paper at the same damn time
But never mind
We just some niggas that’s on the grind
Like I'm Farrakhan
They listen to me hard
Aint no referees gone whistle when I ball
I came for the war
Let’s get raw
Might be on that lean but I aint gone fall
Folk know Strap thugging
Criminal presidential
I be trying to keep it calm
So there’s liquor in my temple
Yea I talk real slick
But on pussy I aint slipping
Don’t talk bout it baby
You aint bout that living
Bo we get it in
It all depends on how we feeling
Turn it up a notch yelling
Strap gone kill em
The mission is to get it bigger
Than we ever pictured
So I’m fingering this money
Never stunting on a chicken


To my niggas that’s banging out with the kickers in the back
Of the trunk, let it beat
For every nigga laying in the cemetery
Blast of the gun, heavenly father bless
Cuz whether we martyrs
Depends on a memory
Broken hearts on a winter's eve
Pray to God, when it’s getting hard
Let me harness the energy
Of the downtrodden to bond with the inner me
Sweaty palms on the bars of the enemy
Dreaming of sunny palms on a beach
But a dog on a leash couldn’t reach
Green in my eyes, if I’m high then it’s all in the keef
And we killing it baby Casey Anthony
Amityville if you think it’s a game actually
That’s when they give you the feeling that you been asking for
That’s family family, that’s Kinfoke


When the world feeling cold to the bone nigga we pour up
Take it all to the dome and we float away
When it seems like it’s all in a dream nigga we tore up
Put a bowl in the air let it blow away


In dark places dark faces see reflections
Daytime dark skies black sun shine your light
Dark liquor take me away


from The Family Business, released January 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Kinfoke Atlanta, Georgia

Kinfoke is the break out duo featuring cousins Collin Gibson and Terrell “Strap” Gilstrap. They have come together to create a sound reminiscent of the golden days of hip hop. With a sound that blends the quick-time flow of Bone Thugs in Harmony with the top-back, slab riding vibe of UGK and the emotional soul and wisdom of Outkast, these two are the reincarnation of real hip hop. ... more

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