Halfway to Vegas

from by Kinfoke

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Halfway to Vegas


We the best rappers out right now and you don’t even know it
Talking bout stacks and you don’t even blow it
Talking bout hoods that you don’t even go in
Nigga I aint Bankhead I aint College Grove
I don’t rep shit but that Mil Town
And yall shitted on me
I’m still the homie
I left yall but I’m still down
I’m thoroughbred so I run the track
Make niggas listen like run it back
Cuz I talk good and I’m light skinned niggas don’t believe that I’m from the trap
Ask Lil Vic ask Nino ask Mook Cheesy cuz he know
Yall talking money yall walking funny
Yall scared to go where we go
All I need bo is my chief hoe and my green flow and my one mic
No free throws no cheat codes I’m living off of this one life
See the beef is kobeashi
And when the punches fly the dot your eye
Put a ring on it you niggas so Beyonce
Smoking on that Blue Ivy
Sometimes I feel like I’m a nobody with two bodies
On one hand I’m a family man I work hard I pay the bills
On the other hand I’m a super star
But I can’t shine if I can’t live


Rollin like I’m popping pills
Whole lot of dollar bills
What if your best just wasn’t good enough
You can imagine how my momma feels
I’m halfway to Las Vegas
I don’t know when I’m coming home

I gave my all but it wasn’t enough
Just when I gave enough they wanted it all


Been deep in this dope game but only my fam know
Been feeling some type of way but I don’t ever show it
I got a thing for running red lights I keep focused
Aint no stopping me on green buddy I keep rolling
I aint got no grip on life but I keep holding
I think it’s about that time for me to be sober
Can’t keep going through this life saying I’ll do it over
Or I’ll do it better the next time
When the first time was the last time and the last time was the first time
I had a chance to live life
They say my eyes bigger than my stomach but I ate my whole plate
Bout to fill it up again
Lil Bruh said gone win
Mess with Kinfoke how bout you not and say you did
Bitch I’m 522 I aint a blood nor a crip
Got a AR on my side 45 on my hip
I’m just hunting down the devil cuz he trying to make me slip on my way


from The Family Business, released January 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Kinfoke Atlanta, Georgia

Kinfoke is the break out duo featuring cousins Collin Gibson and Terrell “Strap” Gilstrap. They have come together to create a sound reminiscent of the golden days of hip hop. With a sound that blends the quick-time flow of Bone Thugs in Harmony with the top-back, slab riding vibe of UGK and the emotional soul and wisdom of Outkast, these two are the reincarnation of real hip hop. ... more

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