Hold Up feat Aquiesce

from by Kinfoke

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Hold Up


I met this girl in July
She like to roll her own blunts and get high
And plus she think a nigga dope yea she feeling my vibe
And on a scale of one to ten yea she’s more than a nine
She’s more like a dime
And if beauty was against the law she broke a crime
She was one of those girls that you call all the time
Yea yea
She was a cool motherfucker she just likes to fuck with me cuz I’m a cool young brother
I’ve never been in love but if this is what love feels like
Then I feel like this the beginning of that good life
Yea yea
I’m like tell me what you want
She like you all that I need
I’m like what the hell you mean
You need food you need water you need clothing you need shelter
She said that don’t really matter long as you and me together
Yea yea
We just caught eye
Then we got a couple swishers and we blew all night


Now we finna roll up roll up roll up
Smoking on them swishers like
Hold up hold up hold up
Got my mind all twisted like
Po Pimp Do or Die
That’s that music you like
Let’s make music you and I
Alright Alright
She got me all in love all in love
Yea she got me all in love


I told shorty since day one you gone fuck with me you gotta know the game
Our first date we was at the range pulled out the toys and said lets bang
She leaned forward took aim I looked at her said hot dang
She love the way that that shotty bang she growing fast got cash
Even showed me where she put her stash she ABC
I said girl what’s that all about cash my good girl love being bad
She tried stripping but don’t like the cash rather sell dope and wear ski masks
She straight thugging and I need that see my feelings don’t give feedback
And this the wrong time for you to need that I don’t trust you you can trust that
She love me and I hate that I can’t change Imma stay Strap
It was good times we made stacks but I’ll make another you like dag
You aint gotta chill Imma fall back now gone and give me them glass slippers
The way they fit I aint like that she put the pistol right to my head
I said damn mama it’s like that
She need one more climax
I aint really got no time for that but like the first thing I said
See it’s all about the money


I met this bitch around November when I brought that sack round
Straight up put that mack down and knocked her down like timber
Asked her what she liked to listen to she told me Kilo
That love up in her mouth that pussy locked I got the key though
She know how hard the team go we chipped up like casino
She only fuck with me because she know I fuck with Nino
She only rocking C cups Imma give her the D though
She see my empty clip and asked a pimp if she could reload
I said bitch don’t touch my weapon I aint mean to snap at you
But this is who I am and you would probably hate my attitude
I got too many friends no wonder why I haven’t added you
And I don’t need no friends I need a woman that can handle truth
Tell me can you handle that she say she can handle that
Knew she couldn’t but that pussy wetter than a camel back
I write about it now because she rode me like a saddle back
But we had problems seeing eye to eye must be them cataracts
Smoke up


Hold up hold up hold up
Hold up hold up

Roll up roll up roll up
Roll up roll up

She got me all in love in love in love
In love in love

I be like hold up hold up
Hold up hold up


from The Family Business, released January 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Kinfoke Atlanta, Georgia

Kinfoke is the break out duo featuring cousins Collin Gibson and Terrell “Strap” Gilstrap. They have come together to create a sound reminiscent of the golden days of hip hop. With a sound that blends the quick-time flow of Bone Thugs in Harmony with the top-back, slab riding vibe of UGK and the emotional soul and wisdom of Outkast, these two are the reincarnation of real hip hop. ... more

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