Low Down

from by Kinfoke

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Low Down


All because of Biggie these niggas ready to die
Saying they hold water but bubble on top of fire
Chicken grease on my tires my nigga I’m bout to slide
Killing is on my mind because I gotta survive
Knowing it’s an all-in we can’t be taking our time
You see me at the front so what you think I define
Raised around cons yea folk that’s on my mom
So on the G Imma be the nigga to throw the bomb
Got a 1911 the hammer I call it Thor
What the hells a battle when we been winning the war
Everything he say in punch lines of course
Punch lines and more punch minds and more
Its 33 degree I make it to 34
When it aint about the money the records mean more
Wrecking C4 sitting on top of a V12
Bomb shell blond just looking for meat sales
If she aint fail shell fall on her feet yea
It’s about the money never mind the details


Now we out here looking for the pot of gold
Rolling through these shitty ass streets
Hoping that we hit the end of a rainbow
Knowing that these hoes get loose for a little bit of nothing
And these niggas flip a dime if they know the boys coming
But we can’t lay low so you better lay down
Ha Ha

Got money in my flow so I take it personally nigga
When it come to these stingers I’m the person to be nigga
When you tucked off in your bed we the people that be getting it
If you aint a real nigga would it hurt you to be nigga
See if you proud of concealing the truth you just gotta listen
That shit he spouting when he in the booth is not what he living
So if he proud of concealing the truth you just gotta listen
Hell iffy product can seal in the truth you just got a lesson
The illustrator
Wall street the illest trader
We all street the illest tre to release a hater soul
Illest tree to release the vapor slow
We deep in paper never thought that we would see a major show
But C’s major so even with C’s he majored in C Majors
And anyone that delay us gets these razors capiche haters
You niggas blind
Teachers you’ll never see grader
You need a Snicker my nigga you fucking up my vibe


from The Family Business, released January 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Kinfoke Atlanta, Georgia

Kinfoke is the break out duo featuring cousins Collin Gibson and Terrell “Strap” Gilstrap. They have come together to create a sound reminiscent of the golden days of hip hop. With a sound that blends the quick-time flow of Bone Thugs in Harmony with the top-back, slab riding vibe of UGK and the emotional soul and wisdom of Outkast, these two are the reincarnation of real hip hop. ... more

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