Obama Smoke

from by Kinfoke

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Obama Smoke


This that foot prints in the sand
I’m a mountain moving man, got some problems that Collin couldn’t understand
Cuz I stand under levels of average niggas who friend
Friends cant pencil in where fam is in the pit
My kin said move that shit folk
I’m with it we aint no north niggas that move down south
To say we…. Down south but niggas up north be like
Ay yo yall boys keep me cooling out
I feel you
I swear I understand chicks with dick in the mouth
Better than these niggas saying there’s air beneath they wings
Yall niggas lie, I hope you die
Real talk, that’s the realest shit you heard since real talk
The mice up in the field Unc Will said hawk
I was born a troubled nigga my switch on off
Therefore I plead the sixth they want me in court
While the Spaulding twists
Get that


Its only one round one life to live
One time I hit one time you miss
One for the road one way to live
One light the spliff one drank the fifth

If it don’t stank then it aint the shit
If it don’t play let it ride the bench
If it don’t stank then it aint the shit


If it aint authentic I aint convinced
Been through this often
Awful told me I would make it big
That’s awful kind of him
Considering often I’ve offered myself up to the altar
I’ve altered egos but it’s all to the good
I’m an author
You niggas peddle garbage
I promised I’d never sell rubbish
Hella smart nigga that’s still thuggish
You snails sluggish
You slow to flow
I impale buckets that’s overflow
Take me bet you overdose
Solemn souls long for condolence knowing they sold their souls
You should have thought about it
Fore you pawned it off
Now all you got is fading memories of all you ever thought
Never bothered saving them receipts for all you ever bought
Never lost until you lost your life
Never realized that you never would last
Till every last one of the racers lapped you twice
And by that time it’s too late
To retie your shoelace
And since you late
You choose to retire
Now who real, cuz you fake


from The Family Business, released January 10, 2014



all rights reserved


Kinfoke Atlanta, Georgia

Kinfoke is the break out duo featuring cousins Collin Gibson and Terrell “Strap” Gilstrap. They have come together to create a sound reminiscent of the golden days of hip hop. With a sound that blends the quick-time flow of Bone Thugs in Harmony with the top-back, slab riding vibe of UGK and the emotional soul and wisdom of Outkast, these two are the reincarnation of real hip hop. ... more

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